OpenChain Spec - Next Gen After ISO - initial discussion 10am Pacific, May 4th


Dear all

Immediately after our 3rd webinar covering contribution policies, M&A and due diligence between 9am and 10am Pacific May 4th, Mark Gisi will lead a 20 minute first drafting discussion of the next gen OpenChain, OpenChain 3. 


OpenChain 2 has been deployed for one year. It will be released in ISO form in the coming months. We expect the 2nd gen standard to run for several years as a clear lighthouse to guide all compliance work.

Meanwhile, starting the draft process for OpenChain 3 this month will allow us to get feedback and experience from existing, new and near future adopters. We will use this to carefully consider what adjustments, clarifications and extensions will work for all our stakeholders. It’s a great conversation to join if you want to help frame the future.



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