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The OpenChain Project benefits from an exceptional government board made up of diverse companies supporting the project through Platinum Membership. These companies are spread across the world and across different market spaces. The resulting knowledge and support has been critical in developing OpenChain from an important idea into the clear, deployed standard for open source compliance. Thanks to their support we have impacted hundreds of companies directly and influenced many more through the supply chain. We have built perhaps the world’s most comprehensive reference library of compliance process, policy and training material. We are well advanced in the process to evolve from a de facto standard to formal ISO standard in Q3 2020. OPPO, as our first Chinese Platinum Member, advances our mission even further. The steps we take together in the coming months will help ensure the global supply chain can address open source compliance easier, faster and more effectively. 

To recap:

Our Vision is a supply chain where open source is delivered with trusted and consistent compliance information.

Our Mission is to establish requirements to achieve effective management of open source for software supply chain participants, such that the requirements and associated collateral are developed collaboratively and openly by representatives from the software supply chain, open source community, and academia.

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