The OpenChain PlayBooks - Getting Started


We have started work on the OpenChain PlayBooks, full decision-making examples for companies adopting OpenChain. After discussion on the work team call, we want to get the first part of these playbooks out for December 16th, the Open Compliance Summit.

We have provisionally chosen the “medium company” playbook. The document editing link is below and you are encouraged to take a look and help expand our framework material. For your reference, here is the complete introduction to the playbook document to explain context:


The OpenChain PlayBooks are intended to help you understand the types of decisions made by managers in companies adopting OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020. We cover examples of the decision-process in small, medium and large companies. Our examples are based on companies (a) in the technology industry, (b) in the middle of the supply chain and (c) shipping physical products containing software.

This may sound specific. However, the intention is to provide a thinking-tool for your company. Whether you are in the technology, finance, cloud, infrastructure or automotive industry (or any other), you will face similar challenges and solutions. The same applies whether you are in the middle of the supply chain or at its end, and whether you are shipping hardware or software. Our chosen examples cover a lot of ground.

There may be situations where you would like more examples for more specific industries. This is where the OpenChain community comes in. You can join our mailing lists, our webinars, our group calls and our regional work groups to discuss challenges with your peers and in your native language. You can get started here:

The OpenChain PlayBooks:

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