OpenChain ballot complete - we are an ISO standard - publication (and ISO number) within six weeks


Dear UK Team

The OpenChain ballot is complete and we are approved as an ISO standard. Next step is publication (and ISO number) within six weeks. When we are published we will do PR in English, German, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean.

You made this happen. Your energy, dedication and support has lead to the largest step forward for open source compliance ever taken.

The existence of an ISO standard marks a turning point, but there is ongoing work to do to ensure OpenChain is inevitable across the supply chain. Now is the moment to maintain our course, maintain our resolution, and firmly manage the foundation for true sustainability.

Let’s keep working.


Shane Coughlan
General Manager, OpenChain
e: scoughlan@...
p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083

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