OpenChain UK Workgroup Meeting - 26th January 2023

Andrew K

Hi All 


Happy New Year!


We’re delighted to announce that the next meeting of the OpenChain UK workgroup will take place on 26th January 2023 at 3pm at the offices of Analog Devices in Hayes, West London (near Heathrow) at the Old Vinyl Factory, 5 Pressing Lane, Hayes, UB3 1EP. Many thanks to Steve Kilbane for making the space available for us at his company’s offices. The meeting will also be available to join virtually.  We have scheduled 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm. 


We’re planning on launching an exciting new initiative. Since meeting at the OpenSource Summit in Dublin back in September last year, it's becoming clear that it would be helpful to the OpenChain community at large to produce some end-to-end reference materials showing how example real world projects can be developed, built and distributed in a compliant way, and how compliance artefacts can be generated for the project which ensure that on deployment, all the relevant materials are made available.


The idea is to move away from abstract questions to concrete examples of a project, covering the tooling actually used, the compliance artifacts actually generated, and how they are actually made available to recipients of the code.


Ideally, we’d like to create a reference for a number of projects, distributed in the following different ways:

  • Standard app-on-a-desktop-or-server
  • Distribution through an app store
  • Distribution in a container
  • Distribution in an embedded system
  • Distribution through a third party (e.g. supplier provides software to a customer as a binary, which is then embedded into a device and distributed to the end user, requiring different compliance artifacts). 

We will use this as an opportunity to demonstrate good practice (or best practice), so compliance artifacts should be machine readable, for example, and, where appropriate, comply with SPDX standards (, and repos which are made available could also, where appropriate, comply with REUSE standards 


This is a pretty ambitious task, so we suggest that we start with a reasonably straightforward project (distribution of a standard desktop app: the list above is in a rough order of complexity, easiest first). We can also, as mini-projects with easily attainable goals, take a simple repo, and issue pull requests with the aim of bringing it into compliance.


We’ve already started working on this behind the scenes and want to present our thoughts at the meeting. 


As a project which is complementary to this, Yogesh Despande from ARM will demonstrate how ARM has have been working alongside Google in increasing transparency in the compliance process for firmware development. 


In addition, Martin Yagi has been working on some great training materials including bitesize training videos and you can see an example of his work here:


He will provide some more information on the history of this initiative, his plans for the future, and how the OpenChain UK community could get involved. 


We can also give you news about the next meeting to follow later in the year.  David Buckhurst from the BBC who has been kind enough to offer us space for our second meeting of the year at the BBC at Media City in Salford. This one is provisionally set for 28th March, and further details will follow. 


As you can see, we have some great activity going on, the launch of some excellent initiatives and exciting potential for 2023!


We’ll be sending more information shortly about the meeting on 26th January, together with an Eventbrite invitation so that we can gauge numbers (virtually and in person). Save the date!


All the best





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