OpenChain Monthly Community Call - 09:00 CST (01:00 UTC) on 3rd Tuesday


OpenChain Monthly Community Call - 09:00 CST (01:00 UTC) on 3rd Tuesday

A reminder that our Europe / Asia monthly call takes place tomorrow at 09:00 CST (10:00 KST and JST). In this meeting we will review the outcomes from the recent USA / Europe call, including some pretty big suggestions around the next generations of the specifications. Your input will also be requested about other ideas and comments listed on GitHub. This meeting is recommended for all parties interested in developing the next iteration of our ISO standard for open source license compliance, and all parties interested in what the second iteration of the open source security assurance standard will look like.

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OpenChain Monthly Community Call - 09:00 CST (01:00 UTC) on 3rd Tuesday
Tuesday Jan 17, 2023 ⋅ 10:00 – 11:00 (Japan Standard Time)
This is the OpenChain Monthly Community Call - 09:00 CST (01:00 UTC) on 3rd Tuesday. It explains what the OpenChain Project community is doing around the world. You will find both global and industry-specific discussions with a focus on summary or strategy. This is also where we edit our license compliance and security assurance standards.

This call is open to every individual and company regardless of their membership of Linux Foundation or the OpenChain Project. 

  1. Introductions 
  2. Specification (our process standards) news 
  3. SBOM news
  4. Security News
  5. OSPO news
  6. Automation news 
  7. Community feedback and comments - issues for standards and core supporting material
  8. Community feedback and comments - issues for reference and supporting material
  9. Any other business
  10. Close of meeting

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