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Sure! Will do. Rachel, over to you.

My original mail was based on the schedule frequency 2019/2020 😊

On Feb 10, 2021, at 12:53, hiroyuki.fukuchi@... wrote:

I think it is reasonable and realistic to have placeholder meetings every THREE months around the same date.
We will adjust when we finally decide the schedule.
Thank you.

Hiro Fukuchi (Hiroyuki.Fukuchi@...)

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Hi Fukuchi San!

Is it ok if we add placeholder meetings every two months around the same date,
and then adjust as final decisions are made?


On Feb 8, 2021, at 18:03, Hiro Fukuchi <hiroyuki.fukuchi@...> wrote:

Japan WG is planning the next meeting on March 17(Wed).

We have not fixed the meeting schedule after April, but we will continuingly hold
a meeting per two to three months.

Hiro Fukuchi (Hiroyuki.Fukuchi@...) Sony

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Hello, all!

Following up on Shane’s message below regarding the global OpenChain
calendar. Please provide (provisional) dates for your planned 2021 meetings at
your earliest convenience. These meetings can be bi-weekly, once a quarter, or
standalone meetings - they can all be included on the global calendar.

Thank you to those groups that have already shared their dates!


Rachel Braun
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On Feb 2, 2021, at 12:13 AM, Shane Coughlan

Dear all

I would like to create a global calendar for OpenChain hosted on the website.

Can you coordinate your work group with Rachel to provide (provisional) dates
for your meetings in 2021? It does not matter if you meet bi-weekly or once a
quarter, if we could create this rough guide it would be really, really useful for new

For work groups without a regular schedule, I propose we put something on the
schedule for each quarter, starting with a meeting in mid-March.

For everyone else, please let Rachel know your basic idea for meetings
throughout the year.

Let’s do this and make it super easy for people to jump in.



Shane Coughlan
General Manager, OpenChain
e: scoughlan@...<mailto:scoughlan@...>
p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083

Schedule a call:

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