Proposal - OpenChain Quality of Conformance Assessment Levels (including a sub-proposal for tooling quality assessment levels)


Dear all

During a recent OpenChain Japan Planning meeting we discussed the challenge of “next steps” in OpenChain ISO 5230 conformance. Our initial goal of adoption in the supply chain is well underway. Our basic concept of “raising all the boats” is working. But now it is time to talk in more detail about “raising the boats to where?”

From its launch in October 2016 until today, the OpenChain Project has been based on the concept of continual improvement (or Kaizen). We can now provide a “map” to help guide companies in this process, and to help customer companies judge the sophistication of suppliers who have adopted OpenChain ISO 5230.

Attached is a slide-deck exploring how this can be done. We will be discussing this in the OpenChain bi-weekly global work team meeting today (Monday 23rd of August) at 14:00 UTC. All welcome. No registration.

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