Important meeting 10:30 UTC (one hour from now) LFC194 online course preparation


Balakrisha will chair a meeting to discuss how the second OpenChain / LF Training course with official certification will finalize. We have a lot done (especially Balakrisha!), so it looks like we have a clear and relatively easy shot towards tweaking and finishing this month.

This is important because we will hold an IPR summit in middle March. If we close the outstanding issues, our course can launch there. It’s not vital but it would be super cool 🙂

I want to stress that this builds on something exceptional. Our previous course - LFC193 - has been scoring exceptionally well in LF Training surveys: 4.68/5. According to Flavia at LF Training: Learners mentioned that they loved that the course is very straightforward, the explanations are clear, simple and easy to understand, exceeding expectations.

You hit it out of the ballpark. Let’s do it again.

Dial in here 10:30 UTC / 11:30 CET:



Shane Coughlan
OpenChain General Manager
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