OpenChain Security Summit 2022 - Recording Now Available


You will find it here:

This event is highly recommended for both compliance and security teams. Why? Viewers will:
  • Learn About OpenSSF In The Current Landscape From Brian Behlendorf, General Manager Open Source Security Foundation
    • OpenSSF is committed to collaboration and working both upstream and with existing communities to advance open source security for all.
  • Learn About SPDX In The Current Landscape From Kate Stewart, VP, Dependable Embedded Systems At The Linux Foundation
    • SPDX is an open standard for communicating software bill of material information, including provenance, license, security, and other related information.
  • And Learn More About Industry Responses To Log4J With A Practical Case Study About How Things Unfolded “On The Ground”
You can expect to come away with a clear understanding of market conditions, how the Linux Foundation is addressing them, and where OpenChain fits into the picture. The goal – as always – is to ensure you have the information necessary to make informed, effective decisions around the open source supply chain.