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OpenChain Bi-Weekly Global Call

Every 4 weeks from 23:00 to 23:30 on Monday from Mon Mar 28 to Mon Jan 2, 2023 Japan Standard Time
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scoughlan@... - creator
OpenChain Education
OpenChain Germany
OpenChain India
OpenChain Japan
OpenChain Korea
OpenChain Main
OpenChain Automotive
OpenChain Partners
OpenChain Specification
OpenChain Taiwan
OpenChain Telco Work Group
OpenChain UK
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+86 10 8783 3177,,4377592799# Mainland China
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+81 524 564 439,,4377592799# Japan
+82 2 3143 9612,,4377592799# Korea
+91 80 71 279 440,,4377592799# India
+886 (2) 7741 7473,,4377592799# Taiwan
+44 330 088 5830,,4377592799# UK
+13017158592,,4377592799# USA

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Meeting ID: 437 759 2799

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