OpenChain M&A Summit 2022 – April 28th @ 14:00 UTC


The OpenChain M&A Summit 2022 brings together key law firms and service providers helping clients with M&A. You will come away from this event with a clearer understanding of global trends around open source mergers and acquisitions. Free and open to everyone.
This event takes places at 14:00 UTC on April 28th and runs for two hours. That translates to:
  • 07:00 PDT
  • 12:00 EDT
  • 16:00 CEST
  • 19:30 IST
  • 10:00 CST
  • 11:00 KST
  • 11:00 JST
  • An Overview of A Typical M&A With OpenChain
    Leon SchwartzGTC Law
  • M&A From The Perspective Of Security
    Jan Thielscher, EACG
  • Checking Compliance With FOSSmatrix
    Hendrik Schottle, Osborne Clark
  • Sustainability Of Open Source Licenses
    Dr. Andreas Kotulla, Bitsea
  • Specific M&A Transaction Case Study
    Marcel Scholze, PwC
  • Panel with all presenters
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