[education] REMINDER: Tomorrow we go big on making new playbooks - be part of this


Thanks Balakrishna!

Ana from TODO indicated interest in doing a cross-project collaboration on this, so I am going to loop her into our Google Docs scratch-pad here:

Ana, we have a (generation 1) medium company playbook and some duplicates we are going to work into small and medium company playbooks. OSPOs are central to this throughout, and we would love to work towards a co-branded release before Open Compliance Summit in early December.

Editing on Google Docs based on decision by Education Work Team. As soon as things are looking good, we will convert to markdown and place on GitHub.



On Aug 3, 2022, at 18:08, Balakrishna Mukundaraj <balakrishna1838@...> wrote:

<OpenChain PlayBook - Small Company - START EDITING THIS ONE.docx><OpenChain PlayBook - Large Company - START EDITING THIS ONE.docx>