Follow up to March's OpenChain UK conference

Finnian Robinson

Dear all  

I am emailing round a follow up to March’s OpenChain UK conference at the BBC’s Salford studios on behalf of Andrew: 

Thanks to all attendees (remote and in-person) for your contributions to March’s OpenChain UK meeting. A particular thank you David Buckhurst and Tom Sadler at the BBC for generously hosting us, and to Sami Atabani for stepping in to chair the meeting after I came down with covid.  

I hope all in-person attendees enjoyed the content recording and blue room sessions. I am very sorry to have missed out on those.  



In person: Martin Yagi (First Light Fusion), Sami Atabani, Parbhat Singh (BBC), Steve Kilbane (Analog Devices), Madhavi Gajjar (Circular1 Health), Thomas Sadler (BBC), David Buckhurst (BBC). 

Virtual: Andrew Katz (Moorcrofts, Orcro), John Shields (BBC), Neil Craig (BBC), Nadia Sheikh (Moorcrofts), Anthony Decicco (GTC Law Group), Jo Westwood (BSA), Finnian Robinson (Orcro), Alex Murhphy (Orcro), 

Attendance drawn from registration prior to the event. If this is no longer accurate feel free to let me know and I will update the record. 


Meeting minutes 

  1. Update from Shane Coughlan on OpenChain news globally. 
    1. Shane provided an update on global traction around the Standards. 
      1. The Security Standard, introduced last year, has recently been given its draft international standard number and is expected to become an ISO standard this year. 
      2. Continental have instructed their developers to take OpenChain’s free online course as part of their training. KPMG have followed and requested that their suppliers do the same. 
      3. Shane updated us on progress with Chinese companies becoming OpenChain certified. 
      4. Shane also announced three proposed meetings of the China work group. 
    2. The website alongside the reference library and support materials have been completely revamped. 
    3. The next generation of licence compliance and security standards are being worked on, with the idea of iterating these in 2024. 
  2. Update on the compliance case study project from Steve Kilbane. 
    1. At the January meeting we discussed the creation of end-to-end compliance reference materials showing how an example real world project can be developed, built, and distributed. 
    2. Steve updated us on the repos of Analog Devices on GitHub, and noted how he was specifically looking at examples with multiple licences within them. 
  3. Update on the bite-size content project from Martin Yagi. 
    1. Martin Yagi demonstrated the testimonials already assembled as part of the bite-size content project. 
    2. Martin Yagi also demonstrated the PowerPoint which will become the visual component of a future video.  
    3. We discussed further ways to advance the project. See action points. 


Action points 

  1. Anonymised case studies 
    1. Shane and Andrew discussed the UK working group trailing a process of collating anonymised case studies of challenges with licence compliance.  
    2. It was decided that the most appropriate way to proceed with this would be for organisations wanting to offer their case studies to email their examples to Finnian.robinson@... 
      1. If these examples were not anonymised, Finnian would then anonymise them, and have the new version approved by the organisation prior to distributing them. 
    3. This would initially begin with the UK working group, but other work groups would be welcome to redirect their examples here.  
  2. Presentation on OpenChain Security Standard 
    1. Andrew proposed arranging a 10-minute presentation on the OpenChain security standards at the next meeting of the working group. 
  3. Advancing the compliance case study project. 
    1. A reminder that you can join the subgroup and mailing list for the compliance case study project, and the page via the following links: 
      1. You can join the subgroup and mailing list for end-to-end case studies via by emailing the following address: 
        1. uk-wg-sg-end-to-end-case-studies+subscribe@... 
      2. The link to the page for this sub-group is as follows: 
        1. uk-wg-sg-end-to-end-case-studies@... | Home 
  4. Advancing the bite-size content project. 
    1. Martin Yagi has set up a PowerPoint which could easily become a video and has begun working on scripts too. We would need a voiceover to add to this. 
    2. Once the content has been finalised, we need to discuss the most appropriate way to release it. 
      1. We need to decide the licensing for such content. 
      2. Putting together a list of questions on this topic to discuss and answer at the next meeting of the working group. 
    3. A reminder that you can join the subgroup and mailing list for the bite-size training project, and the page via the following links: 
      1. You can join the subgroup and mailing list by emailing the following link: 
        1. uk-wg-sg-bitesize-training+subscribe@... 
      2. The link to the page is as follows: 
        1. uk-wg-sg-bitesize-training@... | Home 
  5. Looking forward, we would like to set some specific tasks and work as a group to generate some deliverables.  
    1. To be discussed further at the next meeting. 
  6. Scheduling the next meeting of the UK working group. 
    1. Andrew suggested that the end of May and beginning of June may be appropriate. There were no objections at the time. We will get back to you shortly regarding this.  


Thank you again for an excellent meeting, and it is great to see the UK Working Group going strong. 


All the best,