OpenChain Onboarding Mini-Summit in 30 minutes (14:00 UTC 2022-08-01)


This is a reminder that our Onboarding Mini-Summit will start in 30 minutes.

This time we are going to be discussing one of the most critical aspects of our project outside of the ISO/IEC 5230 standard: how do we onboard people? It covers outreach, it covers what happens when people arrive on our site, and it covers how we arrange community support.

We would really value your input in this event as we cover:
(1) How should we “market” OpenChain?
(2) How can entry to our website and community work best for new participants?
(3) How can we do great community support regionally and globally?
(4) How should the Onboarding Committee of the project work in the future?

Nathan Kumagai, our chair, will lead the discussion.

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