OpenChain Summit + Governing Board News Summary


For your information:

Date: September 21, 2022 16:26:58 GMT+2
To: OpenChain Main <main@...>

You will get individual emails providing details on each item. The summary is:

(1) We are proceeding with our security specification, so our license compliance specification will be joined with a de facto sister (this month) and a fellow ISO/IEC standard circa mid-2023.

(2) We will be improving our work group structure to make it easier to engage with the topics that interest you (and avoid the ones that don’t).

(3) We are going to do export control with a mini-summit later this year. This is a topic our community has been informally discussing for a few years.

(4) We will work with LF leadership to improve the narrative regarding how the various LF process projects interlink. Our goal will be to ensure there is a single way to land on the domain and to find the information you need quickly.

(5) With the above in mind, we will be more heavily communicating the core mission of OpenChain: to build trust in the supply chain. The first domain we pushed hard to transform was licensing compliance, but it was never intended to be the only.

There is more, especially in terms of things like amazing work coming out of our reference tooling work group, and you can track that via individual emails coming soon.