REMINDER: Call to action today: playbooks for the OpenChain Project @ 08:30 UTC (14:00 IST, 16:30 CST, 17:30 KST+JST)


REMINDER: The OpenChain Education Work Group is working on playbooks for the OpenChain Project.

We hold our next meeting today at 08:30 UTC (14:00 IST, 16:30 CST, 17:30 KST+JST).

We are working on the Small Company Playbook (and generating reusable material for medium and large companies):

Register to help out:

In this meeting we will pick activities on building and publishing the playbooks for small and large companies. <we already published medium scale company playbook last year.
Both of these scenarios in my opinion would be need of the hour:
1. As we are living in the startup era, we are seeing a new small size company start and grow very frequently, and this playbook might help them.
2. We have enough of Large companies recently achieving over all organisation level ISO/IEC 5230:2020 compliance, and few companies have similar at par OSS compliance setup, this playbook may help us borrow and collate those information and document it, and that may help all of us.

Looking forward to your participation, support and feedback.